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Re: Adding Module

On Wed, 2 Jun 1999, Michael Schmitz wrote:

> to set the default route in 2.0 kernels. Instead of setting an interface
> route you might need to specify a default gateway. The ifconfig and route
> man pages are suggested reading in case of trouble. And the ususal 'make

Personally, I got a lot of information from NET-3-HOWTO as well.  I don't
have the ethernet working perfectly yet-- can't ping to any address yet,
just to the local ones, but right now I have triple-telnetted
(SE/30->Pentium->DEC Alpha->email account) to write this, which uses a
motley colection of ethernet, ppp dialup, and fiber network (I think).
Nothing's exploded yet, altho I must admit the 9" screen leaves a little
to be desired.


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