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Re: Adding Module

>/etc/init.d/network is the script to edit. Add a line like
>/sbin/ifconfig eth0 inet <addr> netmask <mask> broadcast <bcast> up
>to set the interface address etc, and another line
>/sbin/route add default eth0

Worked, sort of- I can ping my G3 (and vise versa) from my SE/30 now, but I
can't get past the router- probably 'cause I haven't entered any
router/gateway info. Also- I didn't enter a broadcast IP, but it picked one
for me ( 24 is the start of my IP adress). I hope that's not
a big issue.
Where do I tell it the gateway info?

>to set the default route in 2.0 kernels. Instead of setting an interface
>route you might need to specify a default gateway. The ifconfig and route
>man pages are suggested reading in case of trouble. And the ususal 'make

I'm trying to get my networking up enough to install man pages ;-) If worse
comes to worse- I can set up NetPresenz on my G3 under Mac OS and install
packages via ftp from there (since I can talk to the G3 at least)- but I'd
rather not.

Much Thanks, I'm almost there!
Michael A. Peters        http://www.moonglue.com/

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