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Re: Bug in installation of Debian 2.1 on Atari

Hi, Christian T. Steigies <steigies@physik.uni-kiel.de>!
You wrote about "Re: Bug in installation of Debian 2.1 on Atari":

> BTW, my current problem is the @ key under X. I cant produce it,
> allthough xkeykaps display it correctly. I have the impression that the
> keyboard mapping under X lacks a little... probably all other keys
> reachable with AltGR are not working either. Anybody got a hint
> what/where to fix? This would be quite a neat feature for potato, I mean
> using email programs under X... now that my ISDN is working...

Yes, that can really be annoying! So I started a few days ago and
hacked a german keymap for use with the XKB-Extension of XFree86. Well
it's still not 100% what I like it to be but it seems to work correctly
on my A2000-Keybord. (Btw. I still couldn't find any documentation
for this. Perhaps in the X-sources??)

I'll put it on my Homepage: http://eikon.tum.de/~elanol/

Tell me what you think about it, if you try it. Especially
the ALT, AltGr and Meta keys.

bye, Andreas

Andreas Oeldenberger           _ -_ -/¯/
andreas.oeldenberger@gmx.net  - -_ -/_/

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