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Root read/write errors on first boot

I was wondering if anyone could tell me what's going on when I get an error about my "root" partition being read only on my first boot after installing the base2_1.tgz base system. I've never played around with Debian before, so I'm probably making some really stupid error, but any info would be great!                  Background: I partitioned my LC630's 350M HD into a 40M MacOS partition, a 36M Swap, a 60M Root, and the rest as Usr. The Root and Usr partitions get formatted to "ext2" and the root is mounted as "/". The kernel and device drivers load fine, the base system has no problems installing and being configured, but when I reboot to enter the Root password, and make a regular user, I get a message saying that I have to remount the Root partition as read/write using "fsck" when that doesn't work, I'm told to use "e2fsck." Using the command "e2fsck /dev/hda7  (<--My root partition)," I get some segmentation faults. Like I said, I'm probably doing something braindead, but I followed the install directions, so.. Anyways, thanks to anyone who responds!

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