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Re: Root read/write errors on first boot

Scott Hastings wrote:
> I was wondering if anyone could tell me what's going on when I get an error about my "root" partition being read only on my first boot after installing the base2_1.tgz base system. I've never played around with Debian before, so I'm probably making some really stupid error, but any info would be great!                  Background: I partitioned my LC630's 350M HD into a 40M MacOS partition, a 36M Swap, a 60M Root, and the rest as Usr. The Root and Usr partitions get formatted to "ext2" and the root is mounted as "/". The kernel and device drivers load fine, the base system has no problems installing and being configured, but when I reboot to enter the Root password, and make a regular user, I get a message saying that I have to remount the Root partition as read/write using "fsck" when that doesn't work, I'm told to use "e2fsck." Using the command "e2fsck /dev/hda7  (<--My root partition)," I get some segmentation faults. Like I said, I'm probably doing something braindead, !
> !
> t I followed the install directions, so.. Anyways, thanks to anyone who responds!

First off: please make sure to wrap your lines next time. Thanks.

The segfaults durinng e2fsck suggest you are using a Mac without FPU. 
e2fsck segfaulting on these machines is a known problem. Please wait with 
the installation until the FPU emulator code has been improved enough that 
it won't crash e2fsck anymore (and no, you're not getting any estimates
from me how long you'll have to wait).


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