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Re: how do I set everything up after installing it from CDROM?

i'm also installing slink on a IIci via the web. i used dselect mostly
and apt-get for some troublesome packages and then finished off with
dselect. when I knew I was about done I ran script to record everything
that happened, then all the configuration was recorded, right or wrong.
i'm still trying to get wmaker (or ANY wm) to run, but have gotten lynx
running (the text-based browser) and did poke around the 'net with it.

as for your specific question, yes, i did run overnight quite a few
nights, but i think it hung up shortly after i started most nights. I
was able to tell when I had one package left to get because the install
script told me I had 455k left to get and the one package i was trying
to get was 455k. remember, you can always select "n" (no) when asked if
you want to continue with install until you're really ready. the machine
will ask you to intervene to start the configuration process when
everything is ready to go. 'hope this helps.

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