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Re: Installation Error: OUT-OF-TIME

In a message dated 21-Apr-99 00:37:40, Henrik Brauns(hbrauns@hotmail.com) said
the following about Installation Error: OUT-OF-TIME,
>Hi all,
>I just received my copy of the 2.1 Debian distribution and started to
>install it on my A3k immediately. It really is a nice and smooth
>installation, no doubt, but...
>Let me explain first that I used to have a dual PII/233MHz system,
>that allowed a quick installation of a distribution (mostly with
>*all* packages). I've done this with RedHat 5.0, SUSE 5.3 and Debian
>2.0 on my PC.
>Now I wanted to install Debian 2.1 on my A3K/68030/25MHz/16MB. After
>the base system was installed I selected the predefined setting for a
>standard workstation (about 440MB). I started at 16:00 and switched
>off the power at about 00:30, eight and a half hour later, with the
>installation still unfinished.
>It took about 6 hours just to unpack all packages and the rest of the
>time to configure them.
>Hey, does it really take that long ? I mean, I have a *fast* Amiga
>with a *68030* running at *25MHz*, compared to machines 10 years ago
>this is a real killer.
>No, seriously, what time should I expect for a complete installation
>on my machine, how much faster would it be if I upgraded to a 68040
>with 30MHz ? How long will it take for a base installation with just
>X, TeX and gcc (and all dependend packages...) ?

I remember when I got my GVP Gforce '030@40MHz...after 5 years at 7MHz I
thought it was faster than greased lightning!  I still, 5 years after getting
it think it is fast enough for my needs, I don't render, or do any really
intensive stuff.  I tried playing MP3's, and it won't do it, but no big deal.

When I did the base install of Debian Linux last week, it brought it home how
slow it was, especially after having installed RH Linux on my 133MHz Pentium.
It took about two hours, if I recall, to do the base install.

Yes, you have to face that it takes time for an 030 to do the install.  I
don't know what the time for a full install SHOULD be, but it will take a

Mitch Thompson, San Antonio, Texas, USA
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