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Installation Error: OUT-OF-TIME

Hi all,
I just received my copy of the 2.1 Debian distribution and started to 
install it on my A3k immediately. It really is a nice and smooth 
installation, no doubt, but...
Let me explain first that I used to have a dual PII/233MHz system, 
that allowed a quick installation of a distribution (mostly with 
*all* packages). I've done this with RedHat 5.0, SUSE 5.3 and Debian 
2.0 on my PC.
Now I wanted to install Debian 2.1 on my A3K/68030/25MHz/16MB. After 
the base system was installed I selected the predefined setting for a 
standard workstation (about 440MB). I started at 16:00 and switched 
off the power at about 00:30, eight and a half hour later, with the 
installation still unfinished.
It took about 6 hours just to unpack all packages and the rest of the 
time to configure them.
Hey, does it really take that long ? I mean, I have a *fast* Amiga 
with a *68030* running at *25MHz*, compared to machines 10 years ago 
this is a real killer.
No, seriously, what time should I expect for a complete installation 
on my machine, how much faster would it be if I upgraded to a 68040 
with 30MHz ? How long will it take for a base installation with just 
X, TeX and gcc (and all dependend packages...) ?


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