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Re: Installation Error: OUT-OF-TIME

Mitch Thompson wrote:
> >No, seriously, what time should I expect for a complete installation
> >on my machine, how much faster would it be if I upgraded to a 68040
> >with 30MHz ? How long will it take for a base installation with just
> >X, TeX and gcc (and all dependend packages...) ?
> I remember when I got my GVP Gforce '030@40MHz...after 5 years at 7MHz I
> thought it was faster than greased lightning!  I still, 5 years after getting
> it think it is fast enough for my needs, I don't render, or do any really
> intensive stuff.  I tried playing MP3's, and it won't do it, but no big deal.
> When I did the base install of Debian Linux last week, it brought it home how
> slow it was, especially after having installed RH Linux on my 133MHz Pentium.
> It took about two hours, if I recall, to do the base install.

2 hours for the base install is ridiculous. Even a 030 Mac, 16 MHz, 5 MB
RAM, with the braindead programmed I/O SCSI desig, does this in slightly
over one hour. 

Installation of a fullblown system? I'd set it up to unpack all the stuff
overnight, then answer the config prompts the next morning.


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