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Re: Ethernet trouble on Mac IIvi

Olaf Meeuwissen wrote:
> nubuse: rewind of 16356!
> Network Ethernet_Asante
> Ethernet DrHW = 104 DrSW = 100
> apple/clone: testing board: 16K memory - OK
> mac_ms8390.c:v0.01 7/5/97 Alan Cox (Alan.Cox@linux.org)
> rbv: stuck events 2
> rbv - bashing source 1
> One related thing is that we get error messages when we try to use
> `eth0' similar to these.
> eth0: Tx timed out, lost interrupt? TSR=0x3, ISR=0x17, t=999.
> eth0: Tx timed out, lost interrupt? TSR=0x3, ISR=0x3, t=6500.
> Anybody know what is wrong?  Is our ethernet card really recognized?

It seems happy. But the Mac isn't (level triggered Nubus interrupts as 
soon as the NS8390 chip is probed). It disables the card interrupt in
the attempt to escape the interrupt flood. 

Add code to acknowledge and clear the card interrupt on the card. Maybe 
it's enough to tweak the probe code to disable the interrupt in the 
8390 before anything else is done to the chip. 


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