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Ethernet trouble on Mac IIvi


We blew the dust off one of our nearly forgotten Mac IIvi's and got a
running Debian GNU/Linux 2.1 base system installed on it without much
trouble after we figured Penguin out.  This Mac is directly connected
to an Ethernet, so we configured everything during installation.  The
problem we still have, however, is that we are not able to `ping' any
of the machines (by IP address) on the same subnet.

The Ethernet card is an AsanteLite NuBus card (MC3NB) and it seems to
be recognized during the boot.

mac69~:# dmesg
[ ... ]
Mac68K 28530 serial driver version 1.01
ttyS0 at 0x50f04002: Macintosh SCC
ttyS1 at 0x50f04000: Macintosh SCC
rbv: stuck events 2
rbv - bashing source 1
BTW  boot via1 arc=C datab=C7 pcr=0
Scanning nubus slots.
nubuse: rewind of 16356!
Network Ethernet_Asante
Ethernet DrHW = 104 DrSW = 100
apple/clone: testing board: 16K memory - OK
mac_ms8390.c:v0.01 7/5/97 Alan Cox (Alan.Cox@linux.org)
rbv: stuck events 2
rbv - bashing source 1
rewind of 16356!
ID=1 val=14
ID=2 val=18
ID=10 val=2c
MAC address: 00:00:94:21:F3:FD apple/clone, IRQ 14, shared memory at 0xfe0d0000-0xfe0d3fff.
Macintosh ADB mouse installed.
[ ... ]

One related thing is that we get error messages when we try to use
`eth0' similar to these.

eth0: Tx timed out, lost interrupt? TSR=0x3, ISR=0x17, t=999.
eth0: Tx timed out, lost interrupt? TSR=0x3, ISR=0x3, t=6500.

Anybody know what is wrong?  Is our ethernet card really recognized?
Is it supported to begin with?  If you need more info, let us know,
we'll be happy to provide whatever you need.

Olaf Meeuwissen & Masaki Nakanishi                      Mac admin team
Information Management Systems Laboratory    Shinshu University, Japan

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