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Re: Update: m68k boot floppies

On Fri, 26 Feb 1999, Michael Schmitz wrote:

>just to update you on the status of the m68k boot floppies set:
>- yesterday's upload plus today's updates (the Mac floppy image file
>  and a bugfix in the base system archive) seems to be as good as it
>  ever gets. The updates are pending in Incoming, Richard has got the
>  corresponding .changes file from me and will hopefully move them into
>  place soon.

OK, cool.

>  The install.txt for VME didn't get in, and I just discovered that yet
>  another libc upgrade was installed in binary-m68k half an hour after I
>  started the base kit rebuild. For the next time: I guess the next
>  m68k boot-floppies builder would appreciate advance warning of such
>  important changes. Our esteemed users will be pleased to be forced to
>  upgrade libc6 and friends over their modems first thing after the base
>  install now.
>  If these two require another rebuild of the whole base system, please
>  say so and I'll do that first thing tomorrow. The Mac floppy image won't
>  be ready until the day after that I guess.
>- boot-floppies 2.1.8 won't build because it suddenly requires the locales
>  package in the base archive. I've build base with libc6
>  and don't have the matching locales package locally or even installed.
>  And it's no longer on master either ... Trying to locate it elsewhere
>  but that means I'll not get 2.1.8 ready today even if nothing else
>Technically, slink is really frozen at this time. There's still something
>stuck in Incoming but that's all timestamped before 00:00 UTC. I see three
>- go with the current base system; users will have to upgrade libc and
>  packages.
>- rebuild the base system with the latest packages from the archive;
>  not going to be completed before Friday 20:00 UTC at the very earliest.
>- hope for 2.1.8 which will be completely untested even if I manage to
>  it.

I dunno, personally. Wichert? Brian?

And there's another thing: the latest m68k CD-building test from Jim
Westveer showed up the following broken dependencies:

Checking dependencies
   CD #1
   Package: gimp
   Package: gnome-panel
      libglib1.1.12(>= 1.1.12-1)
   Package: gnome-utils
      libglib1.1.12(>= 1.1.12-1)
   Package: gnurobots
   Package: libgtop1
      libglib1.1.12(>= 1.1.12-1)
   Package: moonlight
      mesag2(>= 2.6)
   Package: scwm

Any chance of getting these fixed now? If not, people will have to use
"force-depends" to build the images.

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