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RE: resc1440mvme167.bin broken install.sh


> > I've just tried to install using the resc1440bvme6000-2.1.6-m68k from
> > Incoming dated 22/2/99 and it appears as though the floppy patch was not
> > applied :-(. Sorry Michael, we need yet another rebuild.
> I've never even seen that patch, so no surprise there.

That one got sent straight to Enrique.

> > Not only is that patch missing but so are some other critical NFSROOT
> > patches I sent, that stop libfdisk seg faulting during install.  If
> > they're needed I'll try and find them when I get home tonight.
> Please resend them. I'm sure I applied patches from you before but I may
> have missed those. I've not seen any differences in libfdisk between my
> 2.1.6 and 2.1.7-990217 but there's one candidate in select_not_mounted.c
> in dinstall.

Yes, the bulk of the attached patch is what I have previously sent you, so I
think we're up to date there, the libfdisk segfault arises IIRC when
installing to an NFS root file system when you have partitioned hard drives
attached. The other segfault problem is I think the candidate you found in
select_not_mounted.c, and is the one I was hitting today.

The story goes... I originally sent this patch to Enrique who replied asking
me to commit the patch as he was busy. Meanwhile Eric Delaunay found, fixed
and committed the select_not_mounted.c bug, so I removed it from the patch
and sent you the remaining libfdisk diffs.


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