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RE: resc1440mvme167.bin broken install.sh

> second floppy drive. I've attached the original patch, Michael could you
> check that it has been applied to your working boot-floppies sources.

I've just tried to install using the resc1440bvme6000-2.1.6-m68k from
Incoming dated 22/2/99 and it appears as though the floppy patch was not
applied :-(. Sorry Michael, we need yet another rebuild.

Not only is that patch missing but so are some other critical NFSROOT
patches I sent, that stop libfdisk seg faulting during install. If they're
needed I'll try and find them when I get home tonight.

Are going to release with 2.1.6 or are we going to keep in step with
everyone else? 2.1.8 should be out today.


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