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RE: resc1440mvme167.bin broken install.sh

> Ok, in that case it's only the m4 thing. Nick sent a patch that
> apparently made
> it into 2.1.7 but I haven't picked up 2.1.7 yet.
> > > Can you try this?
> > > Though I agree the -f would be nicer.
> >
> > If necessary, although if Nick has patched this anyway I'd
> rather not wipe
> > my disk again.

I've finally managed to track down the patch I sent, it was a patch against
boot-floppies-2.1.5 but I'm not sure when Enrique actually integrated it.
Anyway, in addition to the sed/m4 problem there was another important bug
fix that was submitted at the same time, that prevented installation SCSI or
second floppy drive. I've attached the original patch, Michael could you
check that it has been applied to your working boot-floppies sources.


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