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Re: Need someone to recompile moonlight!

> > > Its current, that why its not picked up. wanna-build doesnt not read the
> > > mailinglists. Time to change that, *NUDGE* Roman ;-)
> > 
> > Look at the 'broken packages' page, it wouldn't even compile.
> Now, this is sweet.  "it" == "moonlight", is that right?  If that's the


> case, I'd really appreciate it if you ask me, submit a bug, complain, start
> banging at my door, put my picture on milk boxes, whatever.

That's really nice - please keep in mind I'm only the messenger (the one 
most likely to get killed), and I have plenty of work to do myself. Frankly,
I assumed a bug had been filed long ago when this problem surfaced. Not
my cup of tea. 
> Could I please have an URL for this "broken packages" page?

http://debian-m68k.nocrew.org/somewhere (you find that site as the m68k 
port page, from the Debian web site, so it's not all too obscure).


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