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resc1440mvme167.bin broken install.sh

  I am just burning up some phone bill trying to install base2_1.tgz
from slink on my mvme166 (same as mvme167).  Trying to do it via nfs
from my PC.
I have grabbed what I guessed is the minimum file set, but have hit
a couple of problems...

1.  resc1440.bin and drv1440.bin cannot be found because they are
renamed to ...1440mvme167.bin

2. when I renamed them, the extraction of kernel and modules failed
- wasn't immediately obvious why, as the error message got overwritten by the

Said 'broken loop device, copying to local' then 'The attempt to
extract the Rescue floppy failed'.  Bits of error message left were
'nstall.sh: 13: S'

The problem turned out to be that the resc1440mvme167.bin image has
a broken install.sh.  I changed lines 12 and 13 to read:

if [ ! -f install.sh ]; then
	echo "Error: Change directory to the floppy before running this script." 1>&2

The original was:

if [ ! install.sh ]; then
        echo 1>&2 include(__ERROR_MESS__)

Note the missing '-f' and the screwed up 'echo'.

The resc1440mvme167.bin I grabbed was dated Sun Feb 14.

The tftplilo boot worked fine, btw, although perhaps the tftplilo binaries
should be in the vme directory with tftplilo.conf.


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