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Re: crash on reboot

David Rostenne wrote:
> on certain kernels <I am still testing which ones> when i 'reboot' my
> Quadra 700 crashes and dumps a bunch of stuff to screen.

That's kind of normal; the reboot code Dave added doesn't work on all
machines (at least not without mapping the ROM before jumping to the
reset vector).

> Is there a way to capture that information so I can post it to whoever is
> debugging kernels?

Serial console, or notepad and pencil. I wouldn't bother though. 
> I have also noticed that certain kernels do not support a second scsi disk.
> I am also testing the kernels I have to find out exactly which ones... more

Another known problem; a number of of my experimental kernels will
ignore SCSI ID 2. Change the SCSI ID. 


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