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Re: resc1440mvme167.bin broken install.sh

> I have grabbed what I guessed is the minimum file set, but have hit
> a couple of problems...
> 1.  resc1440.bin and drv1440.bin cannot be found because they are
> renamed to ...1440mvme167.bin

Fixed in future releases. Each VME subarch has its own directory now.
> 2. when I renamed them, the extraction of kernel and modules failed
> - wasn't immediately obvious why, as the error message got overwritten by the
> installer.
> Said 'broken loop device, copying to local' then 'The attempt to
> extract the Rescue floppy failed'.  Bits of error message left were
> 'nstall.sh: 13: S'
> The problem turned out to be that the resc1440mvme167.bin image has
> a broken install.sh.  I changed lines 12 and 13 to read:
> if [ ! -f install.sh ]; then
> 	echo "Error: Change directory to the floppy before running this script." 1>&2
> The original was:
> if [ ! install.sh ]; then
>         echo 1>&2 include(__ERROR_MESS__)
> Note the missing '-f' and the screwed up 'echo'.

I'll see how that could happen. Ok, the rescue floppy install.sh template
needs m4 postprocessing instead of sed. Was the drivers image OK? 

Just replacing the __whatever__ in there with meaningful things should be
sufficient to fix it (i.e. VERSION=2.0.35-mvme167, Arch=m68k, and

if [ ! install.sh ]; then
        echo 1>&2 "Error: Change directory to the floppy before running this script." 

Can you try this? 
Though I agree the -f would be nicer. 

> The tftplilo boot worked fine, btw, although perhaps the tftplilo binaries
> should be in the vme directory with tftplilo.conf.

Also fixed in future releases (waiting to be installed).


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