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Initial booting problems with Debian/Amiga

maybe some of you know this problem (and how to fix it :-) already. 
After I installed Debian on my Amiga 3000, which was easy and smooth, I 
came to the point where I had to reboot my machine. Once back in AmigaOS 
I used amiboot to boot up Linux (using "amiboot-5.6 -k linuxamiga 
root=/dev/sda2 ro" and "rw", too). It does switch to Linux and prints 
out the booting messages, as far as I know everything is detected, that 
is: Amiga hardware, SCSI controller, SCSI hardisk and CD, but then it 
stops and prints out "Unable to open initial console".
That's it ! I'm forced to press amiga-ctrl-ctrl to reboot my Amiga. One 
thing I noticed is, that during the installation the file system (used 
for the ram disk ?) is the minix filesystem, however, when I boot into 
linux the root filesystem is of the type AFFS. Is this correct ?
I reviewed the last six month of this mailing list, but could not find 
any related mails.

Sitting in silence I wait for help,


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