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Re: Q: missing keyboard on Q950

Ture Wibrand wrote:
> I know this has been asked (and answered) before, but I wonder if
> anybody has had *any* luck getting keyboard on a Quadra 950? If so, what
> did the trick (certain kernels, extensions etc.)

So you don't take 'no' for an answer? Let me repeat it:
all of ADB on Quadra 900/950 does _not_ work, under _no_
No kernel, no extensions (yuck - what is an 'extension' for Linux??). 

Reason? Search for 'IOP' on the Mac web site. No driver for this piece
of hardware, so it's impossible to get any data from the keyboard. You
try hitting a key while the kernel is running, for laughs. The box
just get flooded with interrupts and die.

> I still have the same problem getting keyboard during installation using
> the Penguin 16 booter...any takers? Anybody working on ADB-drivers for
> the Quadra 900's?

For all I know, people working on it made no progress and may have
given up.
You can try getting information about the evil IOPs from two sources: 
from Apple (disassembling the ROM in the 950, look for 65C02 assembler
embedded in there to see how these IOPs might work; that's the hard
and, of course, from Apple (asking them nicely to provide the specs
NDA). Without specs on the IOPs from either of these sources, writing
driver is impossible. I believe this problem is outlined (in not as
words) on the web site. In a nutshell: not enough manpower and/or
documentation and/or machines to reverse engineer and test on.


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