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Re: [help] mounting a CD

Roberto Savelli wrote:
> The drive is recognised by Penguin in the SCSI devices list, and
> apparently the system recognises the CD drive, and it shows that a CD is
> present at /dev/sr0 during startup, but when I try mount -t iso9660
> /dev/sr0 /cdrom, the CD is not mounted.

The boot log says the device is found as sr0, not /dev/sr0. Please make sure
/dev/sr0 exists (I'm talking about the device special file in /dev, I'm
not questioning the existence of your CD/ROM or the sanity of the kernel
sr driver). If it's not there, please use /dev/scd0 instead.

If that still doesn't work, try 'dd if=/dev/scd0 of=/dev/null count=1024'. 
Do you get some error message? In that case, blame your CD-ROM drive.
the drive works fine, but the friendly people mastering the CD did something
stupid like using Joliet extensions.

Moral: if it's not the official Debian/68k CD, chances are it's broken.


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