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Re: Problems with Xwindows and Network

Barry Wise, ITCN wrote:
> uname -a:
> Linux debian 2.0.33pl1 #82 Sun Aug 9 16:36:07 PDT 1998 m68k unknown

That's pretty old ... try a more recent kernel.

> Actually, the Radius card is the only way I can get the system to boot!  I tried
> installing debian with the built-in Mac IIci onboard video, and the system just
> hangs!  It is apparently not supported.

It used to be supported. You will have to make sure that the bigger RAM
is in bank 1 (if the internal video on these RBV machines is used, the
has to load in bank 1 because bank 0 is used as video RAM). Please have the 
booter log information about system config and bootinfo to a file and post 
that log.
> I would love to tell you how the x system is hanging, but if I try to run xinit
> > x.err or xinit >& x.err only an empty file is created.

Might be just the 'some graphics cards will hang with X in 2.0' bug.
by many users, but no one could give useful details. I'll need to know

- Is the kernel still running (i.e. login via serial lines, ethernet etc.

- If the kernel panics, the oops log (debug messages directed to serial

- If the kernel still runs, a stack trace from running the X server under
  of gdb.

Without that, I can't say more than 'oops, something just crashed'. You
guessed that anyway.


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