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Installing packages

Hi there...

I've got Debian Linux up and running fairly stable on my Mac SE/30.  I've
also downloaded a few of the .deb packages from the FTP site and have
managed to install a few.

However, larger packages, with multiple dependancies seem to have trouble.
(I don't think it's the dependancies, either).  For instance, it would be
fun to be able to compile C, so I've been trying to put gcc on my system.
I've got binutils, cpp, and gcc, none of which will install.

I'm not using dselect as I don't have a fast internet connection and don't
feel like downloaded the entire site.  I've got the .deb files in a
directory on the Mac (hfs) file partition.  I'm using dpkg, with -i as the
only option.

It seems to get "so far" on the install then quits, I get a message
somewhat like:

error processing binutils_2.8.1 (--install)
error setting ownership of symlink "usr/man/man1/gasp.1.gz" : no such file
or directory
dpkg-deb: subprocess paste killed by signal (broken pipe)
Errors were encountered during processing (etc)

Am I missing something important?  It seems to me that there's supposed to
be something in the /usr/man/man1/gasp.1.gz spot, and there's no file or
symbolic link there.  Does another package have this manual page?

thanks in advance,

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