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Re: Configuring Serial Ports on Mac 475

"Olson, Greger J - CLS/2" wrote:
> I'm running 2.0.33 on a Mac 475, and I can't get the serial ports to
> respond.
> I've run PPPconfig & Magicfilter.  Setserial implies ttyS0 & S1 are "there",
> but any attempt to send something to either port fails.  Minicom fails to
> dial the modem, and after LPR'ing a file, LPQ says the printer is inactive.

Try changing the line speed in Minicom to some value, and change it back
to the old value. Or just select one of the entries in the alt-O menu
changing it. That should help (I got that hint from a user with similar problems).

> I have tried echoing Text directly to the devices, but this also results in
> no response.  Are there modules or daemons I have to load/run before
> accessing the serial ports?

Try cat > /dev/ttyS0 and type; do the modem lights flash?

The serial driver is compiled in, ppp, slip, slhc are modules.


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