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Re: Manual Network config

> Forgive my lack of experience, but I cannot seem to find documentation 
> regarding network setup for Debian.  I've got it running on my SE/30, and 
> despite my other linux machines (MkLinux) I am not familiar with 
> configuring network setups in Debian (opposed to script configs).  Could 
> anyone point me in the right direction for manually setting up my machine 
> for ethernet / tcp-ip over a LAN (the ethernet card IS recognized) ?  I 
> skipped the setup process during installation to ensure that Linux would 
> work on my machine (Penguin 1.5 + Kernel/Debian 2.0).

Try re-running that step: reboot into the ramdisk, mount the root filesystem
and select the network configuration step. Or edit /etc/init.d/network
(and a few other config files I can't remember right now). 

It's a very bad idea to leave out this step, and the installation guide
says so. For obvious reasons.


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