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Re: debian on mac IIci: keybd "stuck" on installation


> i get stuck in the installation/boot process in the dialogue, where i am
> asked to select the color: there is no reaction to ANY keyboard stroke or
> mouse movement and no usual exit shortcut (e.g. ctrl-c) works.  the only
> way to exit is a hardware reset by button.
> i found a similar question in the list archives, but no answer (or i didn't
> unterstand it _was_ the answer :-) )

It's a known problem, no known fixes. Try to boot with extensions off and
see if that fixes it. Try different kernels. The communication between the
processor and the ADB controller breaks down for some reason (though the
identical code, patched into the appropriate MacOS routines, worked fine 
in MacOS). Some very subtle timing problem it seems. 
> b.t.w:  no version of apple hd sc setup or apple drive setup i downloaded
> gave me the option of a unix_svr4 filesystem (macintosh and prodos where
> the only possible options).

The version I have (7.3.5) does offer this option, try to locate that
version. Or use DiskTool.


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