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debian on mac IIci: keybd "stuck" on installation

hello list members,

i get stuck in the installation/boot process in the dialogue, where i am
asked to select the color: there is no reaction to ANY keyboard stroke or
mouse movement and no usual exit shortcut (e.g. ctrl-c) works.  the only
way to exit is a hardware reset by button.

i found a similar question in the list archives, but no answer (or i didn't
unterstand it _was_ the answer :-) )

technical data
- - - - -
mac iici, 20mb ram, unix_svr4 filesystems (root and swap) on external 105
mb harddisk, logitech mouseman, not-original-apple-but_100%-compatible
keyboard (extended)

- - - - -
macos 7.6.1, penguin booter 1.5, current debian distribution (downloaded
three day ago), boot.bin as ram image.  the unix_svr4 filesystems have been
created long time ago with fwb harddisk toolkit 1.8, when i made some
unsuccessful experiments with netbsd.

anybody can help or knows the magic answer? :-)


                frank thommen

b.t.w:  no version of apple hd sc setup or apple drive setup i downloaded
gave me the option of a unix_svr4 filesystem (macintosh and prodos where
the only possible options).

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