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Need help installing linux on a mac classic II


I try to install linux on a macintosh classic II with 10 Mb RAM
and a 1Gb internal disk.

I partitioned the disk with drive 7, 
with an AU/X root partition --> 50 M, 
an AU/X swap partitio   --> 18 M 
and an other AU/X partition --> 400M.

I use a directory called "debian" on the MacOs partition
It contains:
all the files extracted from install.sit.bin 
from version debian 07-23-1998

when I execute the installer via "penguin pref"

The beginning is OK, I switch on the black screen
I see several messages showing hardware configuration
determining the partition sda from 1 to 8 
then I see the message 
"VFS mounted : (minix .....) and after nothing happen.
I need to reboot the mac.
(Sometime I wait 2 hours, expecting
an event after this message, but nothing happened)

(The message I give you are sometime not precise but my mac is at home, and
send the message from my office.)

Could you help me to solve this problem?


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