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Need help installing linux on a mac classic II

Wednesday, October 28 1998 15:53, "P. MOLINIE DIO 900+"
<Philippe.Molinie@etna.int-evry.fr> wrote to All:

 PMD> The beginning is OK, I switch on the black screen
 PMD> I see several messages showing hardware configuration
 PMD> determining the partition sda from 1 to 8
 PMD> then I see the message
 PMD> "VFS mounted : (minix .....) and after nothing happen.
 PMD>                              -------------------------
 PMD> I need to reboot the mac.

So what is your root device? A ramdisk image (minix?) or a harddisk partition
(I expect ext2 for a HD). The root dvice is recognized but after that things go
wrong (is what I can gather from your info); are your sure your root device
(file) is OK?


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