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Re: more on the serial ports

>setserial can also display what ports are detected, the status, etc. Is the
>info displayed this way the same every time setserial is run?
>        Udo
Well, yes, so far as I've seen and recall.  But what it says is really not
valid I don't believe, since it gives the I/O address as all zeroes, and 
IRQ also!  It doesn't know what the UART is, because its not a UART in a 
So the info is useless, really, as far as I can see.  Oh, on all the 
I've fussed with the serial port ditty so far, you can't set the speed 
minicom any higher than 38400.  If you try, it'll set it to 9600 baud.

The kernel does see both ports at boot.


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