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Re: mac classic with scsi-ethernet?

On 24 Oct 1998, Udo van den Heuvel <udo@dinges.xs4all.nl> wrote:
>> The on board ethernet's do work, on most Mac's, under NetBSD,
>> but are not yet working with MacLinux.
> And there's no way of using or looking at the netbsd source?

Sure there is, and it's been done in several instances.  Due to license
differences though, the person who writes the Linux code just can't be 
the same person who looks at the NetBSD code.  Or some other similarly
unintuitive workaround. In other words: possible, just not necessarily 
straightforward. =)

As for the grabbing the correct MAC address: I thought someone figured 
out how to grab it from the ROM, or wherever that MacOS stashes it when
the machine first starts up...?  Dunno if that was limited to a specific
subset of machines though.

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