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mac classic with scsi-ethernet?

Saturday, October 24 1998 10:51, wb2oyc wrote to Udo van den Heuvel:

 wo> I don't know for sure, but I wouldn't expect them to be supported,
 wo> since most internal on board ethernet's are not working yet either!

Argh! So it's even a bit worse than I exptected...

 wo> The on board ethernet's do work, on most Mac's, under NetBSD, but
 wo> are not yet working with MacLinux.

And there's no way of using or looking at the netbsd source?
Reverse engineering macOS drivers is OK? Doubt it.

 wo> Interestingly enough, I see quite a variety of error conditions with
 wo> this since I have many Mac's here, and the symptom's are quite varied
 wo> across them.

Hmmmz. So the ethernets that have some kind of support aren't working quite
stable. :-/

 wo> Ie, their just not working yet!  Not on any of my availabe Mac's
 wo> anyway.

Currently I only have a classic but soon I'll have a clasic II for the linux
stuff. I need to get some disk(s) to replace the original 40/80M disks and
(re)install macOS 7.0.1 on them.

Are there any problems with larger (1GB+) disks in classic macs? (like the
weird pc 1024 cylinder limit, IDE 520Meg and other stuff)

When macOS is working I can try Linux on the clasic II; I understand that I can
write some floppies to boot from and that an install is basically possible but
what about the problem Fumio.Chisaka <chisaka@upu.wlw.co.jp> reported about
the installation messages being too wide for a 9" monitor?

Is there a way to fix this? Maybe the font size (using something like vga= on
the pc) or just tell the kernel (?) the screen is less than 80 collumns wide?
(like tset -Q for terminals)
Or is there a HOWTO for a complete installation (after booting and mounting the
CD) without the normal menu based install procedure?
I have some linux experience but a guideline is always useful.

When the system is working, what parts of the machine (kernel!) need testing or
improvement? I am quite new to macs but a portable linux system can be quite
handy especially when the network _is_ supported!

I mailed techsupport at aesp.com to ask about the protocol on the SCSI bus for
the Focus SCSI-Ethernet adapter, I hope (but doubt) they will provide some


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