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Re: mac classic with scsi-ethernet?

I don't know for sure, but I wouldn't expect them to be supported,
since most internal on board ethernet's are not working yet either!
The on board ethernet's do work, on most Mac's, under NetBSD, but
are not yet working with MacLinux.

Interestingly enough, I see quite a variety of error conditions with
this since I have many Mac's here, and the symptom's are quite varied
across them.  For instance, Q650, Q700 and Q840AV, all do not work,
but some are "seen" by the kernel.  Some of them do not report the
correct MAC address of the adapter, others do, but still don't work
for anything other than ping.  On some, the boot occasionally fails
as a result of seeing the controller (kernel 2.1.120 #14).  On 2.0.33
kernels, I haven't seen a trap from it, but they just don't work at
all, or only for ping, for example.

Ie, their just not working yet!  Not on any of my availabe Mac's 


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