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New Debian m68k user, and thrilled with it!

Hi, anyone here?  I hope so.

I've quite a long background with Linux, which goes back to Debian
0.93 on Intel, but only just recently installed Debian Mac on my
Quadra 700.  Some foibles, but its certainly more familiar to me
than NetBSD/Mac68k which I've also had around here for awhile now
on my old Mac's.

Some issues that I need some guidance with tho'...

The kernel Linux that comes on the Debian.bin.image floppy does
not see the SCSI controller in the Q700.  That was a 2.0 kernel, #69
I think it was.  Is that normal for this Mac?

So, I used the ramdisk image from Linux/M68k, and that worked
so on I went in pursuit of Debian for my Mac.  Tried kernel 2.0
of 10/10/98, and that does, but it seems that only the IP layer
works...ie, ping, but nothing else (NuBus Asante ethernet).  I put
several .deb's on; mc, lynx, iptraf, netstd, and so on, but telnet
to and from, no go, and no ftp either...damn!  ifconfig with no
interface argument gives a stack dump, but then prints the correct
lo and eth0 stuff.

So, tried a 2.1.120, #6, and it plays!  Cool!  Debian on my Mac!
Great job!  Now I can dump all the disks around here with NetBSD
on them!  This one breaks iptraf (memory allocate issue or was it
can't setup a socket?  Not sure I remember), sorry!  ifconfig even
works, with or without an argument with this kernel.  Was on the 
net with Lynx last nite...using my ip_masq box (RH 5.0) as my masq
router, and the little Mac did a nice job with it.

I have several other Mac's here; IIVx, Q630, Q650, Q840AV and a few
PPC types too, along with a couple of Intel type boxes, and even a
Sun or two.  If I think about it awhile and plan it out, I'm pretty
sure I can get things setup so I can try Debian on the others if 
that would be of any help to the project.  Let me know.

But, what do I do about the modules?  Ie, what do I have to do to
get the modules up to this kernel version?  The modules are for the
2.0 series kernel, which doesn't work with the network.  Ping works,
but nothing else.  I think I know, and its alot of work, since I have
no distribution/src, so it would be a whole lot of time downloading, 
with all the source, libs and devel tools to do it.

Any idea how long it might be before this might show up on a CD?

Great job!  I love it.  Finally, Linux for the Mac that works!


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