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[janpod@snt.sonet.lublin.pl: Debian m68k.]

This is probably for you.



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Im Amiga user. I had used Watchtower on my amiga. When i 
knew there is new Debian, and where it is i wanted this.

But i didnt seen on your ftp files like base2_0.tgz  or rescue.lha.
There i found amigainstall.lha and binaries. I dont know, maybe 
there is those files???


Janusz Podkoscielny
Lublin POLAND.

Why Linux doesn want to start from new kernel?
What is this error when i use dpkg "gzip broken pipe"???
Why i cant to install packages? When i extract files from *deb
and want to execute files for example mc there is
requester like this "/usr/bin/mc there is no this file" or sth like this.

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