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Re: [linux-mac68k] Re: Trouble loading modules on my Mac

At 8:12 AM -0500 1998.10.13, David D. Kilzer wrote:
>Hi Antonio,
>If you're installing *binaries* from Slackware, this won't work.  They were
>most likely compiled for the i386 (Intel) architecture and won't run on
>m68k hardware.  (If you're using the source and compiling it, then it
>should work.)

   Of course, you need the binaries for the compiler to do that... :-)

>>Does anyone know where can I find a CD with Linux OS and full of software
>>wich I can Install the Linux and software in my VX, and if possible with as
>>many docs as possible, some of them to learn how to activate AppleTalk and
>>other network services?  As you may be thinking, I want to build a file
>>Server with other networking services.
>>I have a network with 5 macs and 1 PC and I want to connect all them with
>>twisted pair. (Currently I have only the macs connected with thin coax)

   I recommend you set up your PC to connect to the Internet and offer IP
masquerading to the Macs over ethernet.  Then use the dpkg-ftp method of
dselect to download new packages.  (If you run lynx as root, you can
install packages by downloading them from <http://www.debian.org/>.)

   By the way (everyone), if you haven't downloaded apt (from slink) and
switched to dpkg-apt, you should definitely try it.  APT rules!

>You won't be able to do AppleTalk over serial cable (though it doesn't
>sound like you want to do this), but you can do AppleTalk over ethernet
>(EtherTalk) using the "netatalk" source code.  Not sure if anyone has ever
>compiled this for m68k (they probably have, but I haven't heard about it).

   Yes, netatalk has been ported to m68k like most Debian packages.


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