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Re: Trouble loading modules on my Mac

Kai LaFortune wrote:
> Hi, I am in the beginning stages of trying to get Linux up and running on
> my Centris 650 and cannot seem to load modules.  I am not sure that I
> don't need them if I want to, say, install packages via ftp.  At any rate,
> I get "illegal instruction" errors followed by what looks like the content
> of the computer's registers (filled with mostly zeros).  Sometimes if I
> try to load the module a second time it seems to work... until I reboot.
> What should I do?  Thanks in advance.

I've head similar complaints before but can't reproduce any of this on
030 (recently) nor 040 (some time ago). I've seen illegal instructions
only when
keeping the ethernet cable attached on the Quadra so far; check if
that's your problem.


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