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Re: Debian 2.0 install report on a Quadra700


> I've just finished the Linux install on a Quadra700 (ID=22).
> The install procedure has been pretty smooth. I just had to reboot under
> MacOS in the middle of the install to put the {resc,drv}1440.bin and
> base2_0.tgz on the HFS partition because I was not aware the floppy drive
> wouldn't work under Linux (ok, next time, I'll RTFM _before_ to install ;)


> The 53c96 SCSI appears to work fine, but the builtin-in ethernet adapter
> is not detected (Which Alan said is normal, due no lack of proper driver).

It's being worked on (meaning it's recognized OK but won't play ATM).

> NB: If the maintainer of the www.mac.linux-m68k.org site is around, the
> Quadra700 entry on the http://www.mac.linux-m68k.org/macspecs.html page
> can be safely updated to "Boots?=Yes".

Maintainer? Dunno if there's such a beast ... 
> NB2: How do I find which type of video card the machine has and if it's
> supported by XFree? (The only things I can tell about it so far are that
> it's a B&W card and that xserver-fbdev segfault 3 seconds after having 
> been started.)

It should be supported by XFree via the framebuffer driver, if it bombs out
that's too sad. Install packages with the 2.0 kernel and try a 2.1 kernel
to run X after that.


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