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LCIII and colors and modem

Hi all,

my LCIII (36MB RAM, 4GB HD) runs a 2.0.33pl1 kernel from the Debian 2.0 
distribution. Only Atari and Amiga were on the CD's, so I had to download 
the Mac drivers and resuce disks. 

I even have X working with the XF86FBDevice. The colors really suck. I'll 
probably have to compare all the colors manually in order to name them properly.

A worse problm is that I can't get my HP 520 printer or my GV Platinum 
modem to work at all.

The catastrophe--which brings me back to X--is that the keyboard goes all 
screwy in X. It's so bad, that I can't use XKeyboard to fix the layout or 
map of my Apple standard (with German keycaps) keyboard.

If anyone can help me with these problems, I'd really appreciate it.


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