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Re: Install on 4MB Atari TT


>> The Debian boot-floppies guy?? 
>Yep ...

So you should know what can be tried ..

>> Frank didn't do a lowmem.bin. What exactly is the difference to the regular
>> root.bin? 
>It contains a small root fs that only offers fdisk, swap setup and
>copying (and uncompressing) the root.bin fs image to harddisk.  After
>this you have to run the regular rescue and use this hard disk
>partition's fs as root fs.

Ok. I've only noticed that it was impossible to reduce the regular
root.bin size enough to fit it on a single floppy without recompiling.
One way would be to get rid of all net support libs, if we toss out the NFS install

>> What's /etc/swappartition? 
>It is created by above lowmem install. When the regular rescue disk's
>boot image detects that you have less then 3500 kBytes free memory it
>requires /etc/swappartition, takes its content as the name of the
>to-be-used swap partition and enables this swap partition very early.

I'm pretty sure there's less than 3500k free RAM on the Mac after the kernel and
ramdisk are loaded, and I've never noticed that dinstall requires me to 
specify the swap partition early on. But I'll check the math to be sure. 
On the Mac, the kernel eats about 1.1 MB, and I've got 630 K free after dinstall
runs. That's with 5 MB RAM and 1800k ramdisk, so you should have plenty of free RAM
by just booting the image from disk. But that can be tested, I'm just dumping the 
ramdisk to my swap partition to see how much free RAM will be on booting it...
Should be 1.5 MB, does that sound enough for your purpose?

>Because I don't have a runnung m68k a machine I unpacked on i386 (by
>swapping the SCSI disk between the computers), and in order to make
>the rescue system on atari run with low memory I have to create
>/etc/swappartition ...

I see the problem with the minix endianness, I just don't see the problem with
the low memory once the ramdisk is out of the RAM. And I still think the 4 MB Atari
can boot the old simple 1440k ramdisk (making it a running m68k machine) so you 
can dump the install ramdisk to a disk partition without ever invoking a i386. 
At least a 4 MB Mac could still boot that ramdisk with a 2.0 kernel.


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