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Re: missing libs

"Eric H. Majzoub" <ehm@howdy.wustl.edu> writes:

> I'm getting installation problems due to some missing libraries, 
> specifically:
> /usr/X11R6/lib/libUnidraw-common.so
> """"""""""""""/libTime.so
> """"""""""""""/libIVGlyph.so
> """"""""""""""/libUniIdraw.so
> """"""""""""""/libTopoFace.so
> """"""""""""""/libOverlayUnidraw.so
> /usr/lib/libexpect5.25.so
> /usr/lib/atalk.so

You probably installed some dev packages and deinstalled them or
updated them or their bin packages. Packages then sometimes don't
delete or update the links to libs and the ldconfig then can't resolve 
them. Have a look for those files and if they point to somewhere. Also 
have a go with grep at the Contents file to see which Package they
belong to and install/update those.

May the Source be with you.

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