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Re: Quadra SCSI? (and whither the linux-mac68k ML?)


(and sorry for crossposting to debian-68k; it seems these guys don't
get mail from linux-mac68k).

>>Howdy!  I'm running a Quadra 605 with a 4.3G HD, 36M RAM, and an '040.
>>So far I've been able to get the 2.0.33p11 kernel to boot from the
>>Watchtower ramdisk just fine.  Keyboard, display both okay.  And yes,
>>as far as I can tell from the online docs at www.mac.linux-m68k.org,
>>the 53c96 SCSI it uses isn't supported yet.  After going through the
>>comp.os.linux.m68k posts, So I see a mention from Michael Schmitz a
>>few weeks ago about Dave Kilzner working it.  Are there any kernels I
>>should be trying and reporting back results from, that would help?

You can try using kernels from the 'testing' directory, that would help 
determining what machines still have problems. 

>I'll second those questions.  I just yesterday downloaded a bunch of stuff,
>and am having similar problems (though I'm on a Quadra 650).  Anything I
>can do to help, maybe even a little coding if it's not over my head.

I think Dave has a 650, and still problems with it (no interrupts after the
first read request). Might be the different SCSI chip the AV and 650 use, or
brokenness in the interrupt code. 
I've used a Quadra 800 successfully for a while now. 'Successfully' means I
disabled scanning for SCSI device #2 because I don't get past the bus scan
otherwise. That's the two data points I know of, there may be other success
stories out there, I just haven't paid attention too closely lately. 

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