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Re: Debian install on a IIsi not working

Nasr Abukhdeir <nasser@escape.student.umd.edu> writes:

> 	Thanks for the installation help, but i have run into another
> problem...my IIsi only has 5megs ofRAM, thus i need to find  a lmem.bin for m68k, which i cannot
> find...anyone have any ideas? 
> 	Once again, preemptive thanks for any help...
> 						Nasr

Using the method of copying root.bin to a partition will save you the
ram it would normaly need. Thus you have an extra 2 MB ram free during 
installation. The free ram should be equal to a 7 MB comp using the
ramdisk, which should be enough.

If its not enough, add another 16 MB partition and run mkswap on it on 
the pc. Then load the ungziped root.bin via from the partition (you
need minix for that) and change the fstab to mount that. You might
also have to insert a swapon -a into the bootprocess as early as

May the Source be with you.

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