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Re: jade/68k: will it format docbook?

> Can someone tell me whether jade/68k is able to format docbook? I am
> the maintianer of jade (which includes sp, sp-dev, and jade). I am
> not on this list so please CC to me personally.

If you tell me what I got to do exactly I can test it...

> I *happened* to notice a porter had uploaded jade/sp compiled with
> egcs rather than g++272. I understand that you guys really need to
> do this, since g++272 doesn't even exist for 68k, AFAIK.

There is a g++272 for m68k (of course...), but AFAICR the all that
stuff, it worked only if compiled by egcs g++. James?

> However, my experiece on x86 building jade with egcs showed that it
> was pretty much close to useless (although sp and sp-dev seemed ok).

Hmm... For most part we use sp from jade, because that's needed for
sgml-tools and so on. Could be that only that has been tested.


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