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lamma question

Hi all!

I have a problem with the Debian install to a Mac. In the "README-mac"
file I read that I must doubleclick on the "Penguin Prefs" to boot a linux
kernel from the MacOs. But there was problems.

1. the resc1440-mac.bin is a msdos disk-image. -> I can't doubleclick to
the "Penguin Prefs" icon, only copy the files from it to my hard disk with
a MacOs utility. But when I copy this file, (and all other from this
floppy) it will not executed, only I become a window with the "The file
'!PENGUIN.PRE' could not be opened/printed (the application is busy or

2. ok, with the hfsutils on an i386-linux system I have created a
MacOs-formatted disk, and copied (with hcopy -r) to it the files of the
resc1440.bin image. And I want to exec it from a disk. The problem was the
same. I read the manpages of the hfs-utils, and thought, the problem is
with the type and creator attributes of the files. I did not know, what
should I set to working, but I see what attribs are on a MacOs system
disk, and set APPL/cfbj. It did not worked - the message was "The floppy
needs minor repairs" when I inserted it in the Mac, and "The following
application is busy or damaged: !penguin.pre" when I doubleclicked on it.

How can I execute the penguin.pre then?? Any help?

My machine is a Macintosh Classic with 4 mb ram and 40 meg scsi hd. I
don't know it's processor type :-( (I have no docs from it, and can't see
it with the MacOs).



(P.s.: how works the networking over parallel port connection in the
linux-mac? There is nothing from it in the make menuconfig of the 2.0.34.)

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