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RE: lamma question


>I have a problem with the Debian install to a Mac. In the "README-mac"
>file I read that I must doubleclick on the "Penguin Prefs" to boot a linux
>kernel from the MacOs. But there was problems.
>1. the resc1440-mac.bin is a msdos disk-image. -> I can't doubleclick to
>the "Penguin Prefs" icon, only copy the files from it to my hard disk with
>a MacOs utility. But when I copy this file, (and all other from this
>floppy) it will not executed, only I become a window with the "The file
>'!PENGUIN.PRE' could not be opened/printed (the application is busy or

Worked for me (Tm). And I think I made sure there was no copy of the Penguin
preferences in the system prefs folder, so it had to use the DOS image stuff. 

But that was the original floppy the disk image was made of, dunno if Apple
uses some hidden bytes to prevent disk images from working ...

>2. ok, with the hfsutils on an i386-linux system I have created a
>MacOs-formatted disk, and copied (with hcopy -r) to it the files of the
>resc1440.bin image. And I want to exec it from a disk. The problem was the
>same. I read the manpages of the hfs-utils, and thought, the problem is
>with the type and creator attributes of the files. I did not know, what
>should I set to working, but I see what attribs are on a MacOs system

Don't fool around with the MacOS side of the stuff too long. Either start
Penguin directly, or get the Penguin booter directly from wave.lm.com if the 
copy on that floppy image is broken. 

Ultimately, we need to place a DiskCopy image of a MacOS format floppy on the
FTP site. I was waiting for a new version of root.bin, but that's been
postponed a while it seems. 

>How can I execute the penguin.pre then?? Any help?

You want to execute Penguin, not Penguin.pre ... 

>My machine is a Macintosh Classic with 4 mb ram and 40 meg scsi hd. I
>don't know it's processor type :-( (I have no docs from it, and can't see
>it with the MacOs).

A Classic (not ClassicII) won't run; it's a 68000 or 68020 without MMU socket.
Read the FAQs, they are quite detailed on that topic.

68020+68851 or 68030+ plus FPU are minimum; a ClassicII with 4 MB RAM will
boot, but starting X took forever on 4 MB. Forget that.

>(P.s.: how works the networking over parallel port connection in the
>linux-mac? There is nothing from it in the make menuconfig of the 2.0.34.)

Parallel port on a Mac?? There's no such thing. 2.0.34 and Mac?? No such thing 


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