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RE: Mac Install Problems


>I've been having a hard time with the installation instructions contained in 

Sorry, but that wasn't ever meant as a complete installation guide. More like 
a short write up for the guys that eventually write the documentation ... 

>>- dump resc1440-mac.bin to floppy (using rawwrite on a PC, or dd on a Linux
>>  box that supports PC floppies). -> 'rescue floppy'
>The disk image appears to be an MS-DOS image, so my version of MacOS isn't
>going to read it.  Is there a way around this?

Use PCAccess ?? The other way around it is to use a DiskCopy archive of the 
rescue floppy, but that never made it to the FTP sites. And I've lost track of
what kernel version etc, is on that image, or if it's ever been a MacOS floppy
image anyway. 

>>- copy the resc1440.bin and drv1440.bin floppy images to a directory on the
>>  Mac HD (HFS).
>Where are these files?  Do you mean resc1440-mac.bin, which is contained in
>the same directory?  Should we be using drv1440.bin from one of the other
>m68k directories?

Yep. If you use resc1440-mac.bin, make sure to rename it to resc1440.bin
otherwise the install process won't find it.

>>- copy base2_0.tgz to the Mac HD (no clue if there's a Mac tool to 'cat' the 
>>  1.4 MB chunks together).
>Done.  (There are no 1.4MB chunks to put together.)

That's been just in case you couldn't handle the 6 MB in one piece.

>>- insert the 'rescue floppy'.
>I can't do this, but I have a copy of Penguin on my HFS partition.  I got
>the Debian Installation going by using one of the kernels off of the the
>linux-mac site and using root.bin (from the "common" m68k directory) as my
>RAM disk. Is there any difference between this root.bin and root.bin in the
>resc1440-mac.bin image?  Is there anything special about the kernel image in

root.bin is identical to the one from the floppy image, or should be. The only
thing special about the floppy image is that I replaced the Atari booter by
Penguin, and copied a fairly recent kernel (as of March) to it. That's all.

>Is it necessary to install the kernel and modules?  My understanding of the
>state of MacLinux is that the booter must grab the kernel image off of an

Right, but you need to install kernel and modules just to get the install 
process satisfied. Don't ask me why this is, I haven't written dinstall.

>HFS partition. Also, there is only one big base2_0.tgz in the directory,
>which I've been trying to extract onto my Linux partition:  I've bypassed
>"Install Operating System Kernel and Modules", but the installation chokes
>on "Install the Base System" trying to extract base2_0.tgz from my HFS
>partition.  (It gives the message "unexpected end of file".)

That's new - are you sure you entered the right thing at the 'path to archive'
prompt? Use 'choose among list of archive files', HFS loves to produce junk
files with the same name as the data file, and tar sure chokes on that.

>Is there a way to manually extract base2_0.tgz from the command console?

There isn't with that root.bin. But you could try with the filesys-2.0-xxx 
ramdisk. Not that I recommend it; you might be able to extract the base system
but crucial config files are missing.


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