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Re: Mac Install Problems

Michael Schmitz wrote:

> Right, but you need to install kernel and modules just to get the install
> process satisfied. Don't ask me why this is, I haven't written dinstall.

O.K. I finally got things installed and working (more or less). I even went
back and installed the kernel image and modules and that part of the
installation went fine.

> >HFS partition. Also, there is only one big base2_0.tgz in the directory,
> >which I've been trying to extract onto my Linux partition:  I've bypassed
> >"Install Operating System Kernel and Modules", but the installation chokes
> >on "Install the Base System" trying to extract base2_0.tgz from my HFS
> >partition.  (It gives the message "unexpected end of file".)
> That's new - are you sure you entered the right thing at the 'path to archive'
> prompt? Use 'choose among list of archive files', HFS loves to produce junk
> files with the same name as the data file, and tar sure chokes on that.

This was my fault (more or less).  HFS support in the kernel image I was
using (vmlinux-980506.ELF) was broken: the files showed up when you listed
the directory, but everything had size zero.  I copied the kernel image off
of the resc1440-mac.bin disk, fed it to Penguin, and I was able to extract
the tar image during the installation.  

My main task now is to get the ethernet card working . . . The first trouble
seems to be with modules:  The kernel (which I took from resc1440-mac.bin)
is 2.0.29, but the modules (which I took from amiga/drv1440.bin) are for a
2.0.33 kernel (and things fail on boot-up with the warning "no modules
present for this kernel").  And I'm not even sure if the driver I need is a
module in this disk.  Any recommendations?  Is there a recommended kernel
with the appropriate ethernet drivers compiled in?  (I have a IIci with the
Apple ethernet card.)

On a related note, the following shows up during boot-up:

Scanning nubus slots:
nubus: rewind of 32748
board resource not found

Does this mean anything important?

Thanks for any information.

Andrew Leahy

P.S. Is there any way to get change this ugly pink on white screen?

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