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RE: Error in disks-m68k/mac/README-mac?


>I have a Quadra 800 here that I wanted to try debian-m68k on.  I know
>it's alpha, but I'm just playing around.  However, I was stumped by
>the following bit in the Mac docs:

These 'docs' are a very preliminary writeup, I'll rewrite them as soon as
the proper Mac 'boot floppies' are done.

>  - copy the resc1440.bin and drv1440.bin floppy images to a directory on the
>    Mac HD (HFS).
>Where are these files located?  I found the resc1440.bin-mac file,
>menioned in the instruction before this one, but I didn't find these
>particular files in either the mac directory, or in common.  Am I
>supposed to get these files from the amiga or atari dirs?

For the time being, you will have to get drv1440.bin from the Atari or Amiga
directory, and rename resc1440.bin-mac to resc1440.bin. Supplying a fake
drv1440.bin just serves to keep dinstall happy, it doesn't matter what you 
select from the modules list as the stock Mac kernels are built without
module support.

As soon as James releases the Mac kernel package this will change, but I've 
been pushing for Mac support even without kernel packages and even though it's
experimental simply to get the Mac users to move from watchtower to a 'real
distribution' (TM). They found infinite ways to screw up a watchtower install,
and I believe that's easier for all concerned with Debian.

Ok, now for the bad news: for you, that's all irrelevant - there's no SCSI support
for Quadra 800 currently, It's being worked on, but not yet functional. All you can 
do is boot the ramdisk and play around without ever getting partitions listed to
install on. No ethernet support for the builtin ethernet either, so you would have
to get a Nubus ethernet card (NS8390) to use NFS root. Installation off NFS isn't
supported by Debian AFAIK (guessing here, I think the last ramdisk didn't have
portmapper but James will correct me if I'm wrong) so we would have to hack a
special ramdisk for that purpose.

Stay tuned (and watch the mac68k web site for updates on the hardware side),


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